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For those who understand, respect and practice canyoning you know what risk and rewards it has to offer. It is a thinking man activity which requires problem solving, way finding, physics and other skills that if not applied right can lead to injury or death. This documentary is amazing in showing how, why and where people have begun to master the art of exploring canyons that have yet to be seen by anyone.

Sasha in Spain

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Sasha Digiulian, traveled to Spain in search of her next level. After a month of searching for a route that suited her best, she once again climbed the grade of 9a (5.14d) with her ascent of “Era Vella” in Margalef. Check out this beautiful video of her climb, shot by 3 strings production.

Dark Horse

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Eastern Mountain Sports hanging with Sharma

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EMS brand ambassador joe kinder spends some time in spain and with prana sponsored climber chris sharma. chirs offers some insight and thoughts into climbing and how all the emotions, failures and success are part of the bigger picture….the journey!

a common thread

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beautiful video from sterling rope

local flavor

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wonderful project from george bruce wilson about the birth of american sport climbing in american fork canyon, utah.


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chris sharma shares his motivation for climbing and insights gained through struggle and the commitment to his craft. chris finds ‘purpose’ in his big projects and through the process, has learned when to push and when to let go.

sinless city

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climber’s paul robinson and heather robinson (no relation) enjoy the beauty and diversity of the landscape just outside of las vegas. from the sandstone boulders of the red rock area to the alpine setting and limestone cliffs of mount charleston, there’s something for everyone. good to note; if you don’t venture towards the bright lights of vegas, you may even stay out of trouble.

solo zombie

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perry beckham and will stanhope explain the history behind peter croft’s first ascent of the zombie roof [5.12d] in squamish, b.c. and the process behind will completing the first free-solo of the route.

filmed & edited by david pearson

lost cove of north carolina

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check out mad rock athlete leanna lockhart climbs a circuit in lost cove at the boone boulders in north carolina. directed by dalton hilfinger.