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Exploring the Blue Mountains

Posted by: on May 15, 2013 | 2 Comments

We had a wonderful opportunity to visit the Blue Mountains in Australia. The town that was our destination was Katoomba, located in the New South Wales, West of Sydney. The train ride out was very easy and an enjoyable adventure in seeing the country side between various vintage stops. Since we didn’t take any of our personal gear out, we decided to link up with a local company to the area Blue Mountain Adventure Company. Our guide for the day was Marty, a very experienced and over all great guy who was psyched to be in the canyons again.

Out in the Blue Mountains there is excellent climbing and some of the best canyons in the world for canyoning. The latter was our choice and it did not disappoint in the slightest. I have never seen such amazing lush canyons in my life. The approach and exit are true bush whacking type treks but well worth it. We had two other guys with us in the group, everyone moved well and was confident in their skill set. We all had a lot of fun working our way down the canyon sharing in the epic experience.

Words cannot begin to describe the diversity and drama of the canyons features. The day we visited the water flow was steady but calm, and yet crystal clear even when following 4 people. Huge overhangs, narrow slots and expansive canyons were around every turn. Blue Mountain Adventure Company (BMAC) has a great variety of canyons based on skill/physical level. This was one of the more advanced canyons due to the length of the overall day and difficulty in the hike in/out.

The biggest highlight of the canyon run was experiencing the pure amazement of glow worms covering the caves ceiling. It looked as if you were in the middle of the night looking at the stars, by far the most amazing sight in the trip. Towards the canyons end we just swam/floated down river up onto some sun baked rocks for lunch before the hike out.

If given the opportunity to visit the Blue Mountains again I would plan to spend a few weeks experiencing all the canyoning and climbing the area had to offer. If you get the chance to head down, I highly recommend a visit. Want to say thank you to David Jung for providing photos of the trip. There are guide books available if you are taking all your gear for the trip; if not then give BMAC a call and ask about Marty or one of their other very qualified guides to take you through these rich canyons.


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  2. david
    June 22, 2013

    Thanks for the video guys! It was really an awesome trip.
    Cheers David


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