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Enter the DogPatch

Posted by: on May 7, 2013 | No Comments

San Francisco has a new place to get you pumped and working on your v11′s!

Dogpatch Boulders, which is part of the Touchstone Family, opened earlier this year and has been a hit with the local and broader climbing community. One look at their facility and it’s easy to understand why. We had the opportunity to chat with Justin, who filled us in on all the great things about dogpatch boulders.

What was your inspiration for a boulder only gym – did you consider doing TR or lead at all?

I can’t take the credit here at all. It was clear when we started planning an expansion to one of our other gyms (Mission Cliffs) that the demand was there for a bouldering specific gym. An annex to our older gym simply wasn’t going to be enough. Now the climbing expansion at MC is entirely for TR and lead climbing.

When first conceptualizing the layout and walls, how involved was walltopia in the design or was it fully from you and your staff?

The design process was a collaboration between Walltopia, our senior management, and a few other key individuals. Basically, we would describe what we wanted to see, sometimes providing sketch-ups, but mostly written or verbal descriptions. Walltopia would then come up with some renderings and we’d give them feedback. There was a ton of skype-ing involved.

I know a few of the guys from Walltopia – great crew. Did you like working with them?

Absolutely, the crew working on site was great. Really cool dudes that we shared more than a few beers with.

Are you introducing anything innovative or new to the bouldering scene?

I believe the scale of the gym is innovative. The height of the walls and the square footage dedicated to bouldering sets a new industry standard.

Are you planning on holding comps at your gym or having any of the competitive circuits compete at Dogpatch?


We just held our first competition, the finale to Touchstone’s own bouldering series. We’ve had some discussions about doing more comps in the future and I can say on a personal level I’d like to host some national level comps here.

What are some of the big features at Dogpatch and your favorite?

Picking a favorite feature is hard, but I would say it is either our big cresting wave feature or our great roof. We also have a massive arch that we’ve made routes as long as 56 moves long on, but really there is a ton of terrain to choose from and it’s all engaging.

From what I have seen, the space looks huge. What is your total sq footage?


17,700 feet.

Do you offer classes such as climbing or yoga?


We’ve got an intro to bouldering class and we hold clinics from time to time. We won’t be offering the yoga or other fitness classes that Mission Cliffs and the other Touchstone facilities offer.

What are somethings we haven’t discussed that you are most excited about or want to share with people?


There’s a ton of cool stuff left to be discussed. We have top-out boulders, which is a first for a Touchstone gym. Even though we have a kids area with a castle and a slide this is first and foremost a climbers gym. The kids area is primarily for climber parents that don’t want to pay for a baby sitter when the go to the gym, we aren’t trying to fill the place with birthday parties or anything.

Lastly, where can people find more information about hours or operation, photos, events, etc?


Any information people need can be found on our Facebook page, or our website http://touchstoneclimbing.com/dogpatch-boulders

Thanks again to Dogpatch Boulders for taking the time to talk with us. If you live in the area or are planning a visit to San Francisco, Dogpatch is a must stop for you on your climbing circuit.

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