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8.4 into the wild

Posted by: on Jun 2, 2013 | No Comments

Very exciting to now have our canyoning rope dialed in. We were able to get two coils of the Imlay rope from our friends at Zion Mountain School. This is a 8.3 Canyon Fire static rope that a Southern Utah company has developed just for canyoning. They have a large selection of bags and other items that when available sell out in days, if not hours. They make a 8, 8.3, 9.2 rope and a 6mm pull cord.

I love the bight orange nature of this rope, sadly they only had the one color in stock so I wasn’t able to get two different colors to help identify the pull side, etc. But this is a small issue when using the Imlay pull bags to manage one of the ropes. I have been running these ropes when we worked with ZMS and have enjoyed them every time without issue.

100% polyester and pretty water resistant, at least as resistant as a rope can be getting dragged through puddles, pot holes and longer swims/rappels. The Canyon Fire was designed specifically for the Colorado Plateau, it is extremely strong yet very light. Great rope all around.

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