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Edelrid 2013 OR

Posted by: on Oct 21, 2013 | No Comments


As usual, Edelrid is coming out with some great new stuff for 2014. From new colors to new additions. The simplicity allows for form and function to really join together in something that is usually sacrificed for one over the other.


There is also some new women’s specific harness being introduced. Last year we saw the arrival of the Orion harness which was amazing and we are still waiting to try out. For 2014, there will be a women’s specific orion harness. I expect good thing to come of this design for years to come.


Next is some new hardware to keep a eye for. These locking carabiners are one of the upcoming new products. The thumb release is a little tricky at first due to the low profile, but with some practice it becomes a snap. This really goes for any new piece of equipment, there will always be a learning curve. Spend some time with it and really love the new functionality or design before really committing to it.


With the race for new tech in ropes bringing all sorts of additions to market, the touch tech is something I really like. There are one or two others doing something to this extent, but the Edelrid Touch Tech is really trying to bump up even more senses. Sight, Sound and Touch are all parts of the new rope they are looking to release 2014.


I also thought this was really interesting for some innovation in design and redundency, the interior gate first needs to be lifted before the gate can open. Not only is this a nice little piece of back up but can aid in rope management. As for using them, I imagine as with everything a bit of a learning curve.


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