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Madrock 2013 OR

Posted by: on Sep 20, 2013 | No Comments


Stopping by the Madrock booth this year was as friendly and fun as it has been in the past years. The first thing that caught my eye was they new floating shoe, which turned out to be Madrock’s new high performance shoe, the M5.


This dual strap monster is supple and ready to roll. It has the Madrock heel commonly seen on some of their other models, but trimmed down and dialed up in its technical ability. ¬†With more down turn and a ready to fit feel, I’m really excited to try these out for a more hands on review.


Madrock’s line has been getting more and more impressive and comfortable. Between the Shark, M5 and others I think there is something for everyone with Madrock’s line up. Stay tuned for some hands on reviews of new/updated models.