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Baladeo 2013 OR

Posted by: on Nov 5, 2014 | No Comments


I really like what is going on at Baladeo with their line of knives. All the different styles are so well crafted and designed. There was a lot of thought put into the products I saw on display. Their products range from specific activities to good old fashion pocket knives. Some of the Pocket Knife lines are Hunting, Modern, Ultra light and another big bucket of dedicated knives include Climbing, Canyoning, Diving, Mushroom Hunting, Watch Making, and more.


The 37g is beautifully designed, and available in a multitude of colors and finishes. The Zebra Wood was my favorite, followed by the all black. I would love to give this knife a run through different tasks and durations to see how it would hold up. When you hold it, there really isn’t much to it. It’s feather light and razor sharp, and while I would feel comfortable using it to the max of it’s abilities, I understand why it’s light simplicity would cause one to question it’s durability.


A really fun line is this series of simple light-weight folding knives. I like using something like this for my kitchen knife when camping or backpacking. This is now keeping my more technical folding knife from getting dirty during food prep or dining.


At an affordable, low cost, you can have a few of these knives for your different outdoor kits. They call it the Papagayo, with 420 stainless steel, back locking blade finished in a TPE plastic.


I also came across the pocket lantern (above are 2 of the torch lights). The 1w Rocky and 3w Rock feature powerful LED’s allowing these tiny torches to give the user a ton of light. I really liked the 3w Rock since having a multi-purpose tool is always a plus in my book.


They had a tiny Micro G knife, this one weighs in at a hefty 15g’s. Sporting 420 steel and inner locking system.


Sticking with the micro concept, we move on to the 3w Cree Focus head lamp. Sporting a powerful 90 lumen requiring one AA battery. With how light the device is, they have allowed for it to be removable from the red section which is more of a rubber then a hard plastic, giving you a small handheld flashlight.


I also loved their Basecamp 5 function cutlery set. Contained in a great little neoprene pouch with a knife, fork, can opener, and bottle opener. I don’t know how long the pouch would hold up as the fork and knife are pretty sharp, but either way, it’s a beautiful little set. The one are the far left is part of the 52 gram set. Check it out here.


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