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Scarpa 2013 OR

Posted by: on Sep 19, 2013 | No Comments


We’ve been talking with Scarpa the past few years and every opportunity we’ve had to discuss the shoes design with Heinz Mariacher has always been a pleasure. Being a designer, I love the micro and macros that go into concepts, design, function and more of a new shoe. So when sitting down to talk about some of the changes and additions being made to the line up I was extra excited (perhaps also due in part to the bright festive orange hits adoring the shoes).


I have always been a fan of the color waves, but seeing new aggressive designs with bold color really works here. The new slipper coming out in 2014, pushing the boundaries of the Boostic and Instinct. With a mixture of materials this shoe really begins to change the dynamics of the classic slipper.


The orange band is wrapping into the shoe like this and other others to help with securing the fit of the shoe in order to get the most out of the performance. The nice large toe cap is welcome when driving on something steep.


It’s a very business oriented shoe and I like that, this is something to get serious with while laughing with enjoyment the entire time. I have found the heels to be a bit tight on my previous Scarpas, but I look forward to this new release and giving them a test drive to see how they fit.


Next are some full day shoes, multi-pitch long hours kinda stuff. The color is a love it or hate it thing that even Heinz was telling me about. I can fully understand the hate it could bring on, but personally I love the orange.


I really like how much the inside toe box comes up and around. Solid amount of protection for wear and tear. The orange band wraps in and around the toe box to really pull the shoe together enough for some higher performance from them. Heels are a bit chunkier with a larger rubber piece running up the achilles.


Both the mens and womens shoes will be available 2014, and I think these will be a great addition to the line up from Scarpa. The Force X and Instinct have both been pretty killer, so I have faith these next ones should follow in line.