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Tendon 2013 OR

Posted by: on Sep 24, 2013 | No Comments


I like to find the companies at Outdoor Retailer that are solid overseas but seem to be just a like start-up in North America. Tendon is one of those companies, and a company I have been hearing more and more about. In wondering what this company was all about, I decided to stop by at Outdoor Retailer and chat with Jiri. Tendon is a Czech based company making a wide range of ropes, harnesses, carabiners, cords, slings, and more. Alpine, Canyoning, Sport, Military and Rescue just to name a few areas of operation for these ropes.


Established in 1998, Tendon can now be found in over 50 countries around the globe. They partner with Universities and Laboratories among other avenues of R&D. We briefly went over some of the ropes making an appearance at the show. I was really interested in learning about some of the elite, master and canyoning ropes given such a large selection of product. The Master 9.1 is new for 2014 and is designed for a super light weight send. The Master 9.7 will have a new bi-color pattern starting in 2014, and is deemed a sport work horse. At the ends of the Master spectrum you find them crossing over into mountaineering/mixed or super light weight durable skinnies for red-pointing.


The Canyoning ropes called…(Canyon Wet, Canyon Grande, Salamander and Speleo 9-11). The Canyon Wet and Canyon Grande are both 10mm but yellow vs orange, which is nice for signaling your pull rope. The Salamder is 10.2 and ready for super wet conditions floating to the surface and available only in yellow. Speleo is specifically developed for caving. High static and super durable, this thing will help you in and out of the Earth. It comes in a range of widths and a special blue/white or white/yellow. This really is just scratching the surface of Tendon and what they do gear wise. Check out their site and be safe out there.