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So iLL 2013 OR

Posted by: on Sep 25, 2013 | No Comments


Whether you climb inside or out, the type of holds you encounter can play a pivotal part in your climbing experience. But as gym rats know, when you’re only climbing on artificial holds, things can get a bit redundant. Creating something new and unique is what causes certain designers, climbers, and companies to stand out in this market place. Having a brand that sticks out is also important when showcasing what you have to offer for the indoor space ranging from kids camps to world class comps.


The folks at So iLL holds are looking to break the norm, and they have some really great stuff going for them in terms of design and branding. Walking into their booth you can sense there is a sense of the brand experience with all the green holds. They repeat this set up on their website but it’s important to note they make a rainbow of colors. They also have artists/designers like Jason Kehl and Mike Auldridge creating some really amazing holds.


New this year will be wooden hang boards, which will be carved from exotic South American wood. I asked if it was perhaps Palo Santo which is an incredibly hard wood used in South America for such things as mate gourds and other items, but the booth crew weren’t entirely sure. I really liked this one shown above with the two round bulbs (Designer: Jason Kehl). I felt this layout for me had the most versatility to increase my strength in certain climbs. There will be two different boards, both will be offered in a wood or urethane. You can see both boards here on their website.