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BTP04 Reporting in!

Posted by: on Feb 18, 2014 | No Comments


Spending time with the WAE (Wireless Audio Experience) Outdoor BTP04 has been fantastic – it delivers great sounding music and clear audio content while doing a number of activities in various places. While bluetooth speakers are old news, outdoor rugged speakers are making their way into the market place in a big way. These are allowing us to bring music deep into the backcountry, at the local wall, car camping, or even around the house and yard.

The WAE BTP04 is part of a huge line of other audio systems offered by Hercules. Given the diversity of audio equipment available, we thought taking the BTP04 for a spin through the trials and tribulations of traveling around the world to everyday home use seemed like a good test to see how good this speaker system really is. Taking it to the desert was probably it’s toughest test, given the environment changing from bone dry to wet, rainy, and windy. As advertised it held up to the dust and water just fine! I want my products to last me a long time, so I don’t want to abuse them, but a unit like the BTP04 can handle a bit of torture.

It has held up great on our adventures, and it was especially great to have it with us while traveling overseas staying at flats where it was easier to turn on our speaker then figure out the home audio system, or traveling in a car with no way to access the vehicles audio system with our iPods. Our favorite was how small it is and how we could throw it in a bag and not worry about it getting banged around.


All the accessories come in a black nylon bag which make a nice package for traveling. The USB charging cable allows for connecting the device to other audio sources, car stereos, hi-fi systems, and other units. We’ve only used the speaker on flat surfaces, but if you need to to hang a small lanyard plus a carabiner will keep it in the air. Given the audio strength of the speakers, you likely wont need to hang it off the outside of your pack. It will produce enough sound to clearly come through a bag, from another room, or a good distance away like a climbing or camping site. I would love to see what a campground with 3 or 4 of these would sound like set up around the perimeter.


The power switch, micro usb / line out, line in ports are all accessed on the side under a solid rubber cover which can be removed as shown above. When the cover is in place, all the ports are well protected from any elements the speakers may encounter. Pairing the speaker with your bluetooth device is easy and straight forward, we have it paired with 4 devices without a problem. Watching movies on the iPad are so much better with this little speaker helping out, as is riding in the car without a connection to the in car stereo. It has found a lot of usage during my yoga practice and teaching – it’s easy for me to set up my audio at home or take it with me for my class. Plus, the Mrs. loves it for music while cooking in the kitchen.


As far as battery life goes, you can get 10-12 hrs out of a single charge, but I found relying on the 10 min standby mode caused the device to lose power quickly. I prefer to just switch the unit off/on but having a stand by mode is a nice bonus. Some of the specs for speaker output are  2 x 2W RMS / Peak Power: 8 W / Frequency Response: 130Hz -20kHz. Weight is 9.9 oz and 2.4 h/d x 5.95 w.

Bottom line is the WAE BTP04 sounds fantastic, works great, travels well and holds up under pressure. Would I recommend them to a fellow outdoor adventurer…? Yes, very much so and I know they would enjoy them during their trips into the backcountry. If you’re looking for a rugged portable audio system, then check out the BTP04 and try them out for yourself. Currently in the USA, Amazon seems to be the only location to purchase the BTP04 for around $85.