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Keeping track of time, elements, directions and altitude can play a important role in a successful adventure. Our personal fave this year is the Casio Pathfinder that has great durability, lasting power, and a slick user interface. The Casio Pathfinder offers a slew of options and abilities for any adventurer looking to keep track of the basics while on the go.┬áThe Pathfinder’s real game changer is it’s solar-based power source. Granted this can cause some problems if left in the dark for too long, from our experience this bad boy can hold a charge for a solid amount of time and recharge quickly once back in the light.


If you need to change timezones, you simply leave it next to a window with a direct line of sight to the sky so it can pair and update with a satellite around midnight. You can quickly check and track altitude, barometric pressure & temp, direction and many timer options. We like the rugged design, but wish there were more options for a velcro band. The strap can be difficult to get to the right fit and let’s face it, old school velcro is great for long days outdoors.