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Metolious 3D Rock Rings

Posted by: on Dec 19, 2015 | No Comments


Finding home training gear that doesn’t turn your house into an episode of Hoarders is always tough. Diversity requires multiple options to keep the training regiment fresh, allowing you to build endurance and focus on critical muscle groups. Thankfully the Metolius 3D Rock Rings are a great addition to any home gym, don’t take much space, and best of all, cost under $30.


The Metolious 3D Rock Ring design offers a 4-finger pocket, 4-finger flat edge and a 3-finger pocket at the bottom. They are sold in a pair along with mounting instructions and training guide. Available in a variety of colors and super easy to install has made these a staff-pick for home training gear. So pick up a pair if your looking to up your game or add a versatile piece of equipment to your home gym.