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Light My Fire!

Posted by: on Jan 19, 2014 | No Comments



What a FANTASTIC knife! I had been seeing these brightly colored knives here and there but never really stopped and paid attention, that was my bad. Here I was walking past a truly great piece of engineering between Light my Fire and Mora of Sweden. The Swedish FireKnife is easy to clean, light and durable this is with me every trip. Eventually I see myself with a slew of these knives for different load outs, not to mention all the ad on’s you can get offered by Light my Fire.


This knife is all around solid construction and wicked sharp. Equipped with Sandvik 12C27 stainless steel wrapped in TPE rubber for a secure grip even in wet conditions. The whole system actually worked really well when wet, relying on your tinder source to be the point of focus. The knife is offered in an array of colors, seven to be exact.



One of my favorite features is this simple molded belt clip. Yes, the built in Firestarter is the highlight but being able to quickly and comfortable secure the knife to you helps when working the kitchen after a long day on the trail. To access the knife the sheath has a thumb groove to assist in the pressure to release the knife, with this said…take extra caution in first pulling the knife out as grabbing the sheath too high and pulling at an angle could result in being injured. This system has a learning curve a bit steeper then it lets on.


Concealed stylishly inside the handle is the Swedish FireSteel® firestarter. This little guy can throw a 5,4oo ˚F spark, enough to kick start your fire or camp stove, even a BBQ. The unit itself is made of magnesium alloy which has a eyelet for a color coded lanyard. The plastic piece that came with it wouldn’t lock in place for the life of me, so instead of risking losing the piece, or worse the rope or knife, I opted for a simple knot.