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I love my little snow peak lantern, simplicity in design and function make it one of my all time favorites in form and function. The Mini Hozuki Lantern is small but powerful with a slew of capabilities makes this a must for any camp or backpack set up. Even just as a back up in a day pack, it has the the ability to clip onto your gear via the magnet clasp system. This little LED lantern produces 60 lumens allowing for 40-70 hrs of run time and weighing in at 3.1 oz. It’s pretty waterproof in some light rain and the silicone rubber lantern shade can be removed for cleaning purposes.


At 2.2×2 inches it is a little smaller then a baseball but has the ability to transform any dark situation. The clear rubber gasket can also be removed allowing the light to not be defused on the sides. The rubber clasp is a sturdy durable rubber with a heavy magnet in the fatter contact part. The White shell is a very hard durable plastic. The base in which the light sits is also a very hard plastic, this allows the very flexible clear rubber to be easily adjusted and or removed. I find the silicone rubber lantern shade¬†acts as a safety net or shock absorber if dropped.


The lantern runs on 3 AAA batteries conveniently packed onto of the light under the hard white shell. With a simple turn locking mechanism, swapping the batteries is beyond easy. While 3 AAA for a lantern might seem like a lot of added weight, the light output is a very justified trade off, in my opinion. Most of our other headlamps take AAA so having other devices that can dip from the same backup pool is nice. Really nice thing about this lamp, is the Low-Battery indicator that begins to glow when batteries need to be replaced. This light is located under the depressed star on the white shell which flashes when its time to swap out or recharge the batteries.


As for selecting your brightness or style of light out put, there are a few different options to choose from. Biggest thing is selecting Solid or Candle Flicker, from here you can choose from 3 settings low, med, high. Or my favorite, the dimmer mode. This mode allows you to click and hold the light allowing for a gradual dimming of the light to get the exact amount of light you want produced. I really enjoy using this light in our tent or at our campsite. For such a tiny lamp it really allows for great illumination without adding a lot of weight or fuss with it’s easy to use controls. The versatility of the lamp takes some getting use to, but with any compact piece of equipment there is a working method to operating it.