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A Lifeline to SAR

Posted by: on Mar 8, 2016 | No Comments


Let’s face it, there are times when things can go horribly wrong and you need to be rescued. As we always say, hope for the best, but you better be prepared for the worst. Thankfully in this modern day there are many options to give you a lifeline in a time of need.



The unit shown here is the new consumer friendly ACR ResQLink+ PLB. Weighing in at 5.4 oz and measuring 4.5 inches, it is easy to pack in your kit. This model is also buoyant, and can be clipped to your bag or strapped to your wrist.




Working with a wide network of satellites to allow search and rescue to locate you easily, the ACR provides information guiding rescuers to within 100 meters or less of your position. A built in strobe makes you visible at night when activated. And there is the ability to test the unit to make sure it is in working order before taking it with you on your next adventure.




Unlike some of the other brands, there are no subscription fees and if the unit is activated they will replace it. Made in the USA with a 5 year warranty and a battery operating life that exceeds 24 hours, the ACR is where we’re placing our bets for when we’re deep in canyons. Activating this unit is a simple two steps: deploying the antenna and pressing the activation button.

Super easy, lightweight, and effective. A++ if you ask us. Just be smart and only deploy this if you’re in a life threatening situation.

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