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This is SPATHA

Posted by: on Mar 21, 2016 | No Comments


We were in the market for a new knife to keep on our harness that could handle being dragged through a canyon while exploring some tight slots. There are many great knives for climbing that are incredibly lightweight and beautifully made, but we needed something that was incredibly tough.


The Petzl Spatha was just what we were looking for. This knife has a great design and feel to it, plus good weight and balance. The textured nylon handle gives it a solid grip when handling wet or dry. With a large loop, its easy to attach with a carabiner to any gear with ease.


The combo blade comes incredibly sharp and the partial serration makes for a nice addition for easy cutting of rope and cordage. It’s stainless steel and there’s a solid locking system to hold the blade in place when open and fixed. While it can be pretty stiff when opening, I actually prefer it for this specific setting. It also has a large finger notch to give good leverage when opening the knife barehanded.



I like the rugged, stiff solid build of this knife blended with simple clean design. I like the bright color so myself or my partner can easily locate and deploy the knife if needed. Currently there are 3 colors offered, but a new release could yield new colors. Sold for under $30, this is a great addition to any outdoor kit.

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