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Protect the Land

Posted by: on May 4, 2016 | No Comments


Protecting our public lands has always been a tremendous cause, whether it be protecting them from disrespectful tourists to private interest groups trying to reap what they can for profit. And now more than ever we all need to get involved.

Currently there are powerful lobbyists trying to push state representatives to return federally protected lands back to the ownership of the state, in hopes that it will then be sold off to the highest bidder to be privatized. With that privatization comes big money, particularly for fracking. And with all that money also comes huge devastation to our beautiful lands.


In over 35 years of growing up in Utah, I have been witness to many beautiful lands being sold and turned into a mess of oil rigs, chain link fence, and other horrific sites of private industrialization.

While I am not completely happy with how the Federal Government manages our lands at times, I am happier with them then I would be at a state level. I do not care for bringing business to our state at the cost of pristine nature and backcountry that I know and love. These places are meant to be as they were 1000′s of years ago, a place for you and or your loved ones to visit to reconnect with nature or reset from our industrial world.


Please, look check out this site to see what is happening in your state and across the nation, learn about what can be done to stop these private interest advances, and show that you support to keep our lands public and beautiful for us and generations to come.

ProtectOurPublicLand.org has a strong 2016 goal to bring awareness of happenings to the public and working to protect the land for the public.

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