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3day class of adventure

Posted by: on Jul 28, 2012 | One Comment

spending 3 days in the canyons of southern utah is what some consider the ultimate dream. we were wanting to learn more about canyoneering and lucky enough to find an amazing company to teach us by sharing their experience/know how in canyoneering for a 3 day course. zion mountain school is a company based in springdale just outside of zion national park, with years of experience both personal and professional these guys were on point. they specialize in guiding adventures, whether climbing, canyoneering, mountain biking, hiking and more.

the best part is that they are passionate and friendly which makes your experience that much better, there is a very personal touch that goes a long way i feel most companies have lost they days to just getting as many customers in and out the door as possible. (zms) is about tailoring your experience to you and only you, they specialize in small groups so that you can fully enjoy the serenity of your adventure and be able to ask questions without having screaming strangers rushing in-front of you to be the first one to the rappel.

with some canyoneering experience and lots of climbing we were able to get out in the field on day one, this varies client to client for (zms) due to them tailoring each course or group to the experience they already have. each day we visited a new canyon and learned more and more advanced techniques. on the 3rd day we were basically shadowed by our instructors to put the problem solving load fully on our shoulders. i love solving problems and canyoneering plays on that which makes it even more enjoyable. this is not an adventure sport where you can just go blindly or head strong into it, it requires thinking, assessing and solving many problems the entire time. it is not a activity that you can just dive into head first with little or no experience. in zion national park there are very few climbing rescues but over 200 canyoneering rescues a year. people have this idea that it is easy and just requires sliding down a rope. if this is your mentality then this is not the activity for you, but if you want to learn more or have a experienced guide take you through a canyon which you might have never gone or been then zion mountain school should be your choice.

1 Comment

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